Why Your Clinic Needs a Live Answering Service

Professionals who work with people have good training in their field of specialization. But even people who have the best training need help in managing their schedules and appointments.

In the medical field, doctors who have private practice employ a small staff to do the scheduling and management of their schedules and patients. In this case, for the purpose of answering queries and calls about schedules and treatments, there is now an option of hiring a person to stay in the office, an automated answering machine or a live answering machine.

There are advantages to all three but here is why your clinic needs a live answering service:

  1. They are available even after hours

Clinics have limited office hours. In some cases calls for queries and scheduling come beyond the set hours. Employing a live answering machine can make this more efficient for you since they will have access to your calendar and at the same time keep you posted about the changes in your calendar.

  1. They provide real customer interaction.

Sometimes, even if automated answering machines can provide the necessary information about the clinic and the doctors, they do not offer a real interaction. This is something crucial for medical phone call communications. Callers and potential patients should feel like they are being attended to by real people in real time and not just programmed to answer to set questions.

  1. They can coordinate and follow-up schedules.

Clinics run smoothly if schedules are followed through and set accordingly. Having a live answering machine can make sure that schedules do not overlap. A live answering machine can also follow-up on patients and remind them of appointments they set.

  1. Retain customers and increase customer satisfaction.

Since a live answering machine is a real-time operator working remotely, there are more chances of customers feeling tended to. For some situations as well, callers an even feel empathy in terms of how they are dealt with. Because of the interaction they experience and the level of precision of the scheduling, your patients have higher chances of coming back and giving you a good rating.

Dealing with patients and bedside manner is something doctors are particular with. For running a private practice, this is all the more crucial. Hiring an in-office staff can cost more and cannot be available 24/7 but having a live medical answering support can deal with this aspect of the job smoothly and with more efficiency at lesser cost.

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